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Letter from the Owner

Just over ten years ago, my wife Brandi and I started this business as a way to move back to our hometown of Colville, Washington. Our second child was on the way and we wanted to raise our family where we both grew up. We knew that the only way to make a business like this work would be to give our customers a better product at a better price and provide a better service than they were receiving through other suppliers. This philosophy helped us to quickly grow a loyal customer base in the then thriving economy. As the construction market slowed we branched out and began making woodenware for the beekeeping industry. We have been very blessed as we now have a growing customer base in both markets. As the construction market appears to be picking up a little steam, we look forward to serving our current surveyors and contractors as well as the new ones we have yet to meet.

Brandon True

Our Promise To You:

The Best Product at the Right Price with the Service You Need.

Best Product:

Our premium grade hubs and lath are absolutely the best products available. We buy the highest grade lumber available from several mills in our region and use a manufacturing process that ensures every stake is hand picked and examined to meet the most demanding standards. All knots and weakness causing blemishes are removed leaving only the strongest straightest stakes for you.

Right Price:

In a competitive market, price is always important. We go to great lengths to keep our prices fair and competitive. We are constantly seeking the right blend of quality and price on our raw materials so that we can pass on the savings to our customers. We offer two different quality lines of stakes. If you donít think that the outstanding quality of our Premium Grade is necessary, then our Contractor grade hubs and lath are the answer for you. I havenít found retail prices anywhere close to as low as these for a comparable product. Donít let the fact that these are our second grade product scare you. Our Premium grade product is so good, that our Contractor Grade is better than most of the other stuff out there.

The Service You Need:

No matter how wonderful product is, or how low the price, If you donít have the product when you need it, it is a poor value to your company. We go to great lengths to provide our customers with everything they need, when they need it. It is our promise, that if you work with us, we wonít let you run out of supplies. We are always in contact with our regular customers, checking on supply quantities and scheduling deliveries. It is not uncommon for a survey manager to say something like ďWow, thanks for calling, Iíve been so busy I havenít even looked to see how much wood we have left.Ē We feel that spending a minute on the phone is better than running out of wood and scrounging around the shop or the vehicles just to find enough to get through the day. Or even worse, sending a crew 30 minutes out of their way to get low quality high priced wood at the retail shop across town.

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